Nemesis of my ego

Nemesis of my ego

How many times you bring us hope,
How many times you strip them away.
Is it your test or is it your joke,
I wonder if it’s just a dice you throw.

Hope is the best some say,
Hope is dangerous I’d say.

I pray, … …

Let me be the butterfly she is chasing,
Then I will be the one dancing in her garden*.

Let me be the air she is breathing,
Then I will be foreever living in her vein.

Let me be the wind in her castle,
Then I will shape the world as her smile.

Let me be the snowflakes she is gazing,
Then I will tranquilly fall into her bosom.

Let me be the sense of her satisfaction,
Then I will wisper how mad is my obsession.

Let me be the stone knocking at her window,
Then she will notice a broken shadow.

… …                  … …

I thought you brought me a serendipity,
But you left me with a suffocated divinity.

Let me be the frame of her reality,
Then she will become nothing but a memory.

20.08.2014 York


* refer butterfly effect.

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  1. شەبنەم مۇنداق يازغان:

    Coincidence …

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