Motherland feelings

Its an early morning, one of the rare sunny ones in Ulm. I was embracing the precious sunlight, cycling to the university. Passing across a cornfield, one side is wheat, mustard is the other, suddenly I sensed balmy smell in the air. I knew the smell, its very familiar!  Someone just cut the grass by the road, I did realised. We used to cut grass by a scythe in an open field when I was a kid, along with my brother, its hard work but makes you close to the mother nature. Freshly cut grass have strong smell, thought it was unique, hardly believing that I am having the very same smell here. Hypnotised by the “home-smell”, I tried to deep breath, deep and deep as I could, tried to save that smell and bury it in my bloods, but the road was about to finish and it felt like I would never get enough of it….

A Uyghur gathering in a remote countryside in Germany. A girl brought some naans*. She made it by herself, I guess she knows what we missed the most. I took a small piece and found out that it exactly smells the one at home. Wandered how she made it, for me its not for eating, but only for smelling, how nice that would be if I can save it as long so that I could smell every moment I miss…

Thinking of motherland, I miss the beat of a begger’s sapaye** in the streets of Urumchi; I miss the smell of flame-red bread freshly taken from our tandoor; I miss shimmery icy peaks sitting on the Tengri mountains range. They were like souls of our ancestors , watching me growing up, telling me legends of Gokturks, giving me an endless urge to climb up to my goals. Oh dear, wish I have a big poster of that heavenly view in my solitary corner, then I would never feel alone…

I miss my people, the way they speak, the way they smile, the way they shout, the way they dance… I only feel that I am a complete human being with their presence around me.

I miss love, love of a Uyghur girl, who always keeps most of it under her shy glance, and leaves you a puzzle which you would never end up cracking…

* Naan== a type of Uyghur breads.

** Sapaye == a type of Uyghur musical instrument.

by Oghuzkb


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